Angry Customer Video 5: Defuse early

Dealing With Angry Customers: Lesson 5

Two Important Defusing Principles: Start Defusing Early, and What You Focus On You Get More Of

In this video you’ll learn the importance of identifying irate customers, and defusing them right from the start, sometimes even before they have had a chance to say a word. The early the defuse the less likely the customers is able to “get up a head of steam”, get “more stoked” and gather emotional momentum. The less momentum, the easier it is to defuse the situation, and the less time it takes.

The second principle is “What you focus on your get more of“. While it’s absolutely necessary to acknowledge the customer’s feelings of angry, upset, etc, you shouldn’t focus on them too long, because when you do, you’ll get more negativity, and quite often, even more abuse.

Author: Robert Bacal

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