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Video 3: What’s in it for me, the customer service rep., to learn defusing skills

Why Should YOU, A Customer Service Rep. Take The Time To Learn How To Deal With Difficult Customers (Video)

If Your Work In Customer Service, Watch This Video

Everywhere you look you’ll hear how important good customer service is to the business. That’s great if you OWN the business, but it doesn’t do much if you are working in customer service “on the line” and, day after day facing difficult and angry customers.

Sure, there’s incentive for businesses to deal effectively with dis-satisfied customers, but what about YOU.

Where’s the payoff? It turns out there are real advantages to learning the defusing skills we’re teaching here for the employees “on the line”

That’s what this video focuses on.

What’s In It For You To Learn To Better Handle Customers?

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Learn To Succeed With Difficult Customers

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