Video 2a: Learn Two Essential Principles For Dealing With Angry Customers (Video)

Session 2a: Analysing Our Angry Customer Case Study

Did You Identify The Good and Bad In Our Previous Video Lesson? Let’s See.

Note: If you haven’t yet viewed the previous video, which contains the 10 minute customer and customer service representative interaction, you should do that first. Answer the questions in the video before continuing to get the most from this lesson.

Debriefing The Case/Example From Session 2

In the previous lesson you listened to a rather nasty conversation between a telephone caller and the customer support person from a computer company. It’s clear from the beginning that the customer is upset and frustrated (and perhaps technically challenged).

Your initial reaction to the call may be that the customer is clearly a bit nuts, because his degree of frustration, and the abuse he showers upon the employee seems way beyond what’s sensible. And you might be right.

However, while the employee stays calm in the face of exceedingly nasty verbal abuse, he makes a lot of errors in how he handles the situation. While it may seem he did well, the bottom line is the call went terribly.

In this video, you’ll learn WHY this call escalated, and how the employee contributed to the problem.

Compare the analysis to your own.

Also we introduce two major principles — essentials you can use to prevent these kinds of customer escalations.

Author: Robert Bacal

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