Convenience Trumps Price, Customer Service When It Comes To Consumer Choices

Convenience is THE most important factor that affects many buying decisions

Convenience IS The Most Powerful Element Determining Consumer Choice

Where does convenience fit in the hierarchy of factors that determine consumer behavior?

One issues I’ve talked about in the past is that we in customer service tend to over-generalize and treat all business and all customers as having similar needs.

At the risk of doing this over-generalization, here’s the answer to the question.

Convenience Trumps Almost Everything

The best way to think about this is to look at your own buying behavior. If you are like most people here’s what you do:

  • You buy your regular purchases at the most convenient location that allows you to conduct your business with the least hassle. You get your groceries somewhere close by, or on the way home from work. You get gas for your car locally except in some rare occasions when there’s a price war you can’t resist.
  • You make a lot of your purchases at malls or big box stores, because usually you can fill multiple needs in one trip, either at one store, or a bunch of stores all clustered together.
  • You avoid patronizing places where it’s inconvenient. You factor in parking for example. Haven’t you decided not to eat at a specific restaurant because parking is just a plain hassle?

There Are Exceptions Of Course

Of course, there are exceptions. That special birthday party at a restaurant across town my still be inviting, because it’s a special place for a special occasion.

You may suffer inconvenience when it does occur, because you may have other reasons to patronize a particular business AT THAT MOMENT, but it’s unlikely that you will go on a regular basis.

The implications for business are pretty clear.

Convenience (and no hassles) are the levers that move the business success needle. In real estate terms, it’s the equivalent of “location, location, location”.

Author: Robert Bacal

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