Do Customers Want MORE Customer Service Technology?

Customers less concerned about HOW they are served than that they accomplish their goals.

Do Customers Want More Technologically Based Service Or Less?

You’d think that companies moving to technology, whether it’s live chat, or self-service checkouts, or social media, are doing so because their customers demand it.

And if you look at survey results, it seems like customers do want more technology.

In fact, while customers may have a preference for some specific technological way to interact with companies, that preference is slight, compared to what customers really want.

It’s simple. Customers want to get their “business” with a company completed with a maximum of convenience, and a minimum of time. They want “no hassle” shopping, and no hassle help.

To the extent that technology makes this happen it will be the preferred method for interaction.

However, many technologies have NOT helped customers reach their interactional goals. Think about phoning a company. These days almost every company uses automated menus, either based on choosing numerical options, or more recently, using voice recognition.

Is there a person on the planet that would CHOOSE to enter into these phone tree jungles?

Of course not.

So why do customers say in surveys that they want more technology as part of their service experience? Get the answer here.

Author: Robert Bacal

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