Free Customer Service and Angry Customer Training Videos

Introducing Free Customer Service and Angry Customer Training Videos

Welcome To The Bacal & Associates Video Start Page For Customer Service

For years I’ve received questions about whether I have an instructional video to go with our customer service, and dealing with angry customers books. I’ve always said “No”, because the cost of producing top quality “for sale” videos is just too high.

Now that we have the technology to create videos at very little cost, we’ve decided to get into the “free video business”.

The Free Online Video Customer Service Seminar/Training: Dealing With Angry Customers

Today we launched the first in what we think will be a long series of videos on the topic of dealing effectively with angry, frustrated, manipulative, and just plain distraught customers.

The video, and those that will follow are based on our three customer service books; Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook, Perfect Phrases For Customer Service, and Perfect Phrases For Customer Service. And of course, material from my live seminars will be pulled in also.

The Cool Part: Real Exercises, Homework and Interaction

We’ll be embedding these videos both here, and of course on YouTube. You’ll be able to comment, ask questions on each lesson, and respond to the various exercises and “homework” that I’ll be “assigning to you”. So, it’s really going to be like a live course, served up in short 5-15 minute segments.

And did I mention it’s free?

A Quick Tease/Taste Of The Video Course

Here’s a quick teaser video for the series.

Shocking Reality About Whether Customers Prefer Twitter and Facebook Over Phone, Email, In-Person.

This may be one of the most important things you can learn this year about how customers operate. What they really want. And, it’s not what the major research companies are saying, because they are simply not asking the correct questions.

Robert Bacal Talks About His Customer Service Books

To tide you over while we’re working on the various angry customer episodes, here’s a video with Robert talking about his three customer service books, and what to expect.


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