What Are The Most Essential Customer Service Skills?

Compilation of the essential customer service skills every representative should be learning

What Are The Most Essential Customer Service Skills?

What are the essential customer service skills needed so that employees and customer service representatives can provide excellent customer service?

There are a lot more skills a customer service representative should master than one would think, which is why training of customer facing employees is so important.

Unfortunately, many customer service employees are quite under trained as companies attempt to keep costs low.

Here’s a list taken from Perfect Phrases for Customer Service: Hundreds of Tools, Techniques, and Scripts for Handling Any Situation.

Listing of Customer Service Skills

Above and Beyond The Call of Duty

Acknowledge Customer’s Needs

Acknowledging Without Encouraging

Active Listening

Admitting Mistakes

Allowing Venting


Appropriate Nonverbals

Appropriate Smiles

Arranging Follow-Up

Assurances of Effort

Assurances of Results

Audience Removal

Bonus Buyoff

Broken Record

Closing Interactions Positively

Common Courtesy

Completing Follow-up

Contact Security/Authorities/Management



Empathy Statements


Expert Recommendations

Explain Reasoning or Actions

Face-Saving Out

Finding Agreement Points

Finishing Off/Following Up

Isolate/Detach Customer


Managing Height Differentials/Nonverbals

Managing Interpersonal Distance

Not Taking the Bait

Offering Choices/Empowering

Plain Language

Preemptive Strike

Privacy and Confidentiality

Probing Questions

Pros and Cons

Providing a Customer Takeaway

Providing Alternatives

Providing Explanations

Questioning Instead of Stating

Referral to Supervisor

Referral to Third Party


Setting Limits

Some People Think That (Neutral Mode)

Stop Sign-Nonverbal

Suggest an Alternative to Waiting

Summarize the Conversation

Telephone Silence



Use Customer’s Name

Use of Timing with Angry Customers

Verbal Softeners

Voice Tone-Emphatic

When Question

You’re Right!

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