When A Customer Wants A Better Price?

Customers Who Try to Wrangle A Better Price

How To Handle The Customer Who Says: “I can get this cheaper at [competitor]”?

Customers often try to get a better deal by claiming that they can get the same product at a competitor’s shop for a lower price. That may be true, it may be inaccurate, or, the customer may not really know but is just trying to get you to lower your price.

Here are some tips and advice on how to handle this situation professionally, and in ways to keep the sale.

Don’t Argue

It’s pointless to argue with the customer, even if you KNOW that the competition isn’t offering a better deal. It’s not YOUR responsibility to hunt down better deals for the customer, so if you are in doubt, ask the customer to document that better price, with┬ápromise to match in (if that’s possible, and if that’s the store policy).

Offer To Match On The Word Of The Customer

In some ways, this can be a powerful technique, because it shows your trust of the customer. Yes, some people will take advantage, and lie to save a few dollars. You, and your employer need to decide whether it’s worth it to make your store more welcoming. Usually, competitors prices are very close anyway, so even if the customer is lying, the actual money value of price matching may be a very few dollars.

When The Competitor Is An Online Business

These days online businesses often offer lower prices than brick and mortar stores, resulting in customers “show rooming”, or trying to leverage you into a lower price based on the e-shopping price.

By and large companies can’t match online prices in their stores, so you need to stress the “value added” of buying at the store, rather than online. This means focusing on purchasing advice, after sales support (if available), ease of return of the merchandise, etc.

In other words, when faced with pressure from a customer to match an e-price, explain the benefits of buying instore, and paying a few dollars more for MORE value.

Author: Robert Bacal

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