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Winning The Customer Service Wars Through Radical Customer Service

Radical customer service is based on two simple ideas:

That companies that want to excel with their customer service so that it actually improves the bottom line have to take the perspective that the path to that involves NOT going in the same direction competitors are going.

That generally, common wisdom about anything, and about customer behavior, and what wins customers is wrong, or at least partly wrong. Often common wisdom becomes common becauseit makes sense intuitively and has some kernals of truth, but in fact, is wrong in enough respects to render it useless.

In short, radical customer service means being contrarian. Not doing what everyone is doing.

Start Here: The Eleven Pillars Of Radical Customer Service

Introduction To Radical Customer Service (The Horrid State Of Customer Service in 2014)

The Radical View Of Customer Service Research, Or Why It’s Going To Cause You To Make Bad Invesments And Customer Service Investments

In this three part series, we look at why the information (popularized research) on which companies base customer service decisions is often unscientific, misleading, where even the best research results get skewed and slanted as a result of how they are communicated.

Do You Really Understand Customer Behavior? Not If You Follow The “Common Wisdom”

Customers Do NOT Pay For Better Service, Despite The Research. Why?

Revisting Social Media As A Customer Service Channel (Or Set Of Channels)

Social media isn’t a fad. It’s not going away, but neither does it “work” the way most experts want it to work. Tools are funny. Even if they are designed with some specific way of using it, once it gets into the hands of users, it’s the users who decide how to use it.

Fundamental to radical customer service is that we look, not at how things ought to be, but how people actually behave. So let’s look at social media, how it’s used, and why it’s an absolutely terrible way to provide service to customers.

Author: Robert Bacal

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