Function vs. Purpose Creating Customer Centric Staff

Leading Customer Service Teams

Function Vs. Purpose: Successful Leaders Teach Both To Their Customer Facing Staff

One of the things that separates out the mediocre supervisor and the excellent one in terms of building high performing customer focused teams is what they focus on.

The functions of the job are usually codified in the job description, and for a retail staff member, might include, operating the register, stocking shelves, pricing items…etc.

Staff need to know that those things are part of their jobs, but if that’s all they know they will “forget” about the customer, and miss the majority of opportunities to provide great service.

Purpose is broader, more inspirational, and really explains WHY the functions are important, PLUS providing a statement of the ultimate purpose of that person’s job.

It’s the answer to the question: “Why am I here?”.

In the retail example, it might be phrased this way: “You are here to meet the various needs of customers by being alert to them, and proactively aiding them in the finding, selection, and buying of what they need.”

An employee acting according to their purpose is going to understand his/her job is a) more important than stocking shelves and b) it includes any actions to help the customer that are appropriate.

Winning Customer Service Managers

The best customer service managers create that sense of purpose from the very start, from participating in the hiring process, to orientation and training, through to ongoing feedback.

By providing meaning to the work, these managers make their staff feel useful, important, and that increases employee motivation.

Author: Robert Bacal

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