Video 10: When angry customers behave like children

Free Training Seminar: Dealing With Angry Customers – Session 10

Adult Customers Acting Like Children Explained

The more you understand about the psychology of emotion and the psychology of angry customers, the better you will be able to both prevent escalation, and deal with tantrum like behavior from customers.

In this video, we’ll show you a few funny clips of tantrums, and we’ll explain where the adult behavior comes from.

You’ll learn that in times of emotional stress all of us humans have a tendency to revert back to what we’ve learned and used the most, and that’s the “stuff” that we learn as infants and childrens. It’s almost as if angry customers have these scripts in their heads that run off on their own, without any thought from the customer.

That’s a pretty accurate description, but the problem is that most of the methods you try to stop the script will only send the person “back to the beginning of the tape”, hence all the repetition that angry customers do.

Well, cue up the video and enjoy. Coming up is the CARP system, and then we’ll be moving into more sepcific techniques that DO work with those angry child-stuck customers.

The Free VIdeo:

Author: Robert Bacal

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