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Free Customer Service and Angry Customer Training Videos

Introducing Free Customer Service and Angry Customer Training Videos Welcome To The Bacal & Associates Video Start Page For Customer Service For years I’ve received questions about whether I have an instructional video to go with our customer service, and dealing with angry customers books….

Video 4: Chef Ramsay Gets Even With Customers, But Don’t Do This At Home

Lesson 4 – The Fantasy of Getting Even With Nasty Customers In this video, featuring chef Gordon Ramsay, we indulge our fantasies about getting even with nasty customers by insutling them, or finding that ultimate crushing verbal repartee that will cause them to scurry off…

Video 11: The CARP Model For Dealing With Upset Customers

Free Training Video: Defusing Difficult and Angry Customers: The CARP Model In our books and seminars we talk about the CARP model for dealing with emotional customers, and it’s actually quite amazing how many people find value in this simple model, that helps them keep…

Video 10: When angry customers behave like children

Free Training Seminar: Dealing With Angry Customers – Session 10 Adult Customers Acting Like Children Explained The more you understand about the psychology of emotion and the psychology of angry customers, the better you will be able to both prevent escalation, and deal with tantrum…

Bait, Defending, Counter-Attacking With Nasty Customers

Free Angry Customer Training Videos: Learning About Bait, And The Dangers Of Using Defending Oneself Or Counter-Attacks Gut Emotional Respones To Angry Customers Cause Problems Our gut responses when feeling attacked are to defend oneself, or to counter-attack. It’s really the same as the fight…

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